Emily Watts Known As: Emily! She's making the names up! Class: Rogue Player: Tom Emily is the happy-go-lucky rogue of the team. She started out the campaign dressed in mud and somehow managed to join the party. So far she has managed to prove her worth by not getting lost in the depths and not getting herself killed on a poisoned dart trap. And stopping the rest of the party getting killed on them too. Life has been hard for poor Emily recently, but she is slowly getting things together and trying to get back on top of the world.

Gregore Tregaurd Kropotkin Known As: Beard Class: Transmuter Player: Mead Gregor is the wizard of the team and is very fond of his grumpy old man image. He isn't grumpy in the slightest of course, but he is quirky and seems to enjoy stripping his fellows. Gregor carries a Mynah Bird by the name of Confucious who is almost as intelligent as Miskhal. Wisely he has so far refrained from speaking, instead accepting fuss and bits of food from the rest of the party (especially Emily). Gregor appears ever-ready to help, although whether this will remain the case if a situation occurs where his talents are actually applicable has yet to be seen. If he has a fault, it is a tendancy to slip into "school master" mode and begin lecturing the party on whatever truely fascinating thing he has seen in the last minute or so. He knows an awful lot of rubbish - probably the result of being a librarian for so long. Gregor is famous for being the only adventurer in history to damage a kobold but not actually kill it. Cries of "Damn you Kropotkin" and "Your powers are weak old man" have yet to be heard, but surely it is only a matter of time.

Ug Son of Ene Known As: Ug, Eugene, The Axinator Class: Barbarian Player: Andy Ugene is the powerhouse of the team and first amongst Team Freakishly Tall. Standing 6'3 he is a giant and intimidating man, however once you get to know him you realise he is actually a very friendly chap who wouldn't hurt a fly. Unless it was a dire fly. Ugene carries a Great Axe which he enjoys inserting in creatures he comes across all in the persuit of his dream - to be an adventurer. He met a Bard when he was younger and rather than, say, laughing at him he actually listened to the twaddle the bloke spouted and decided he wanted to See The World. He's now the only barbarian without a beard and who understands the meaning of the words "personal hygene". Ugene is not the brightest spark in the world, but he certainly isn't stupid. In fact, during the successful trip into the Mines of Doom, he even managed to not climb down the rope he was supposed to be holding. Ugene is currently sporting a limited amount of clothing with the best covering on his legs where he wears close fighting leather trousers - the fanstasy equivalent of spandex.

Arthur Shawnse Known As: Sword Class: Fighter Player: Mark Arthur's history is shrouded in mystery - not least from himself. He is the tank of the team and his skill with a blade is matched only by ... something of a similar skill level. Standing at a height of 6'2, Arthur is the second of Team Freakishly Tall and towers over the much shorter Emily and the stooped form of Beard. Arthur remains something of an enigma but he seems to have a good heart and is more than happy to follow Emily into some rediculous pit or other - if only to make sure she is safe. He carries a bastard sword which was gifted to him by A Lady In A Lake in honour of his great deeds and he now uses it to kill kobolds and carpets.

Father Mishkal Known As: Healy Stick Class: Cleric Player: Owen Mishkal brings wisdom to the team. He was the one who saw through the mud covering Emily and brought her into the group. That said he was also dropped rather heavily onto his head as a baby so it's best not to read too much into it. At 6' tall, Mishkal is understandably quite surprised he's the 3rd shortest in the party but he makes up for that with his deep booming voice and total inability to turn even the most pathetic of undead. Mishkal carries a massive hammer which he uses to beat sense into those who don't follow his wisdom and crack open eggs. He has a good heart, although he doesn't always bring his caring nature over terribly well, asking starving wretches questions such as "Are you ok?" and forgetting to heal his comrades who are getting beaten senseless by kobolds throwing pebbles.